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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
If you are focused on modding for more power, get the Mustang. If you want a subjectively more refined and balanced driving experience get an M3. In my experience, no matter how much power you have, you get used to the feeling it gives you. The overall refinement and balance of a car is what gives sustained driving enjoyment.
This right here.

My roommate just got out of Cobb tuned, suspension, bolt on 335 into an 11' E90 M3

So the M3 is slower, has way less torque and only gets 20 mpg going 80 vs 30mpg for the 335. It also has clothe seats that aren't powered. What gives, why would he do that?

Go drive them is what I have to say. The M is a thoroughbred. Literally. From how it sounds when you let the revs settle gently to idle, to the steering, absolutely glorious throttle response and symphony when you rev-match it is just a something you'll take your hat off for.

In terms of the driving experience, which is what matters to ME the M3 is like olympic figure skater and the 335 is like power lifter. If you want to go fast, then get a car that has that in mind. If you want a professional drivers tool, then get the M3.

Also IMO. The 5.0 automatic is not comparable to any M3. It's like apples to oranges to me when you equip a 5.0 with an automatic. It's a true automatic, like any traditional automatic. It's good for one thing, drag racing and merking people at red lights.