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Originally Posted by Zoli007 View Post
I have heard several times to not put in fixed back seats in a car which does not have a roll bar.

In the unlikely event you roll over and the roof caves, your spine is the one absorbing the hit. On seats that have a recliner, the recline mechanism can give way and not allow you to become moosh.
Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I don't believe that. Not an expert but if the roof caves in that much then I have other things to worry about. Plus, you submarine in the seat a little bit too I think. I wouldn't really count on a seat collapsing to save my skull from getting crushed.

I've also heard the top of the seat shouldn't be higher than your head. I think Porsche may put fixed backs in their 911 as an option but I'm not sure. Other exotics to do it, don't they also need to meet US safety standards?
Fixed back seats aren't the concern, it's harnesses without a roll bar. The OEM 3point belt allows you to fold out of the way.

Fixed back seats are hard to execute with the 3 point belts. You have to make sure the lap belt passes through the bottom holes and hardware doesn't bind on the seat.

OP has a E90 which makes more sense for non-reclining.