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Originally Posted by 1fastdoc
Originally Posted by ONE-77 View Post
Don't go to be unless you are actually sleepy (called sleep restriction). Good luck!
lol. If I did that I'd never actually go to bed. I go from wide awake and working to huh? I fell asleep in the chair again?

If you use Melatonin, current recommendations are to take it around 4 hours before the intended time you want to fall asleep.

Exercise is one of the most successful ways to get into a normal rhythm.
Is you can do something without taking a drug or a medicine it's 100 times better.

Behavioral therapy (such as sleep restriction) is long lasting and more beneficial on the long run than pharmacological therapy which has a temporary benefit and relapse is likely if you stop it.

Melatonin acts like a magnet to sleep onset. If you take it 4 hrs before going to bed it would advance your sleep to an earlier time and you would probably wake up at an earlier time and your whole sleep period could shift which I'm assuming you do not want to do.