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Last week I got my LCI lights, so I gave Mike a call to see if he can do coding. Long story short, few hours later we met up in West Los Angeles. Not only that he did coding he also installed them for me. I know its not like he installed a supercharger, but still a nice benefit for me since I do not enjoy doing this type of work.

Something that I was not planning on doing was to tune my car. About a year ago I got Akra evo and to avoid any error messages I also had delete-r installed. Since i dont drive my car a lot and do not take it to track I was comfortable with just sound that I got from Akra, but obviously tune has been on my mind all this time. After speaking to Mike and asking him tons of questions I felt comfortable to give him OK to tune my car. My car has totally transformed. I did not do any dyno nor do I plan for it so I go just by my personal feel, car feels smooth from first gear and on while it also feels stronger. Of course while tuning I got a bunch of other programming options done, Mike has whole list of them, its awesome. While there are other places here in Los Angeles to get tune done, I am very happy that I ended up with Mike.