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I bought through Superior in 06 and my transaction went as described. I also dealt with Terry. So Pentagon may handle things differently than Superior...after reading the posts that seems apparent. My advice to you is to get to the dealer where you will take delivery and latch onto a sales person who seems friendly, helpful, and honest. Tell them your situation, for example if you will be in town or not when the car arrives. How to contact you etc. I did this and it worked perfectly. I am using the same sales person for this delivery. The first time around he did a great job so I "tipped" him a couple hundred dollars, so this time he was all smiles and ready to take care of me. For the M I will give him more cash and keep him happy, that way no worries about extra test drives or people messing with your car. When I took delivery there was never any talk about an inspection by anybody, you just have to have the correct documents to pay the taxes and register with the State you are in.
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