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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Do you have your own baseline as well as results after the tune?
Every modified M3 in most cases will dyno slightly different from another. Comparing results from different cars with different mods is not going to give accurate information on what your mods are adding to your car. As Tom suggested you should always compare your car and your mods to itself not others, especially if you use custom built or modified exhaust systems. We have bone stock cars that run the same versions of stock software we dyno test and get different results from. We have also had many custom exhaust systems lose power on our dyno when tested along with others that have made power.

Valentino if it has been a couple of years since we tuned your car you can send your ECU in to be updated to the latest version of our NA performance software at no charge or you can email me direct and we can discuss your options for upgrading you to our remote tuning E-Flash if you want to check / update your current software remotely.