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Originally Posted by hugehead View Post
Txstig......could you not have them make another batch up as i'm sure you have no trouble selling them on to members on here
I went ahead and added three more to the ones currently in production for a total of 25 pieces I will update the list later.

Hugehead. I can have them make up another batch, however they are currently quite expensive to manufactur even if I buy in lots of 25.

I would be afriad that I would buy say 100 of them, and then end up with 60 plug pullers that I could never sell. Plus I am outlaying the cash to manufacture these myself...not taking any money from anybody until I know the quality and fit and finish are up to scratch. You see the prototype I made myself and oversaw the production of it. The 25 currently being made are outsourced to one of my rapid CNC machining suppliers. I am trying to keep the price reasonable on these parts and right now lots of 25 works best for that.

What I am hoping for is once these 25 hit, the word of mouth will get out and then Division M engineering will begin to make a name for itself. This is the first effort.

I am also working on another project for a friend. The prototype part will be here in two days its a boost control holder for his 993 Turbo that fits flush into the air vent and retains the ability for airflow. The eventual piece will be milled from a solid piece of carbon but the prototype is black nylon 6.

The picture below is not the best but you get the idea. This fits the brand new only available for like a month Greddy Profec with the OLED display. I modeled up the whole piece then designed the holder around it.