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Dealer says Rotors are over-heating and not covered....

I have had my M3 for a week now at the dealer, when I had just planned to take it in for a simple oil change and check up on spark plugs, and a breaking noise. When I picked it up a day after, they said they put in 4 new pads and new sensors because it was a problem with the sensors and pad being low. Before I left the dealer they gave me the car with the Tire Pressure light on, but it said INACTIVE. So the SA said to leave it that they will get that fixed.

The SA calls me the next day to go pick up the car that everything is good now. When I go pick up the car in the afternoon, I made sure the light was not on. I left the dealer and when I am getting to work, I hear a very loud whining noise from the tires, but when I would step on the breaks, noise was going, or when I would make turns. So I call my SA and he said to take the car back in. My Original SA was leaving for vacation so he put me to get my order done with another SA.

Today (4 days later) I get a call from the SA, and he tells me that the problem is that the Rotors were heating up from EXCESSIVE use and that is why its making the noise. That the Factory warranty won't cover that.... The SA is going to call me back because he was with a customer.

Any opinions on this??? When I just went in for a simple oil service...