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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
While it might be nice to believe this, I don't think it will come to pass. Sad to say, but newer, shinier, and faster usually win out. There will always be purists out there in search of what they personally consider a "true" M-car, but they are few and far between. Even a purist can be tempted by a faster engine, newer tech, or new body lines.
Yep. Not to mention the appeal of a fresh 4 years of warranty, and something "new" to drive around in. Maybe your existing car has something that bugs you - repainted section, chips, worn seats, etc. And maybe a new car will have less creaks and squeaks? I expect the F80 to have some cooler/better brakes/diff/transmission compared to the E9x M3. Why can't you still be an enthusiast if you're just trying to experience or appreciate what those millions of $$ in BMW ///M research and development come up with?
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