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Originally Posted by Omar@VelosDesignwerks View Post
Regardless of what some tuner will say it is going to be hard for you to see a big difference on the dyno. There are several variables that will affect the numbers. It sounds cliche but trust your "butt" dyno and I am also confident ESS knows what they are doing. No need to panic, just go out and enjoy your M. this is what I'm going do right now. Sit in a meditation position, close my eyes, breath slowly. Then think this in my head : I sure be confident with my tune, be thankful I have an ess tune. uuunnmmm is hard to see big difference on the dyno, don't look at those number, don't look at those damm numbers. I'm trying. Will, try harder. Trust my butt dyno. Wait stop, wtf am I doing, this shit is not working.