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Originally Posted by OM3N View Post
Hey man I just replaced my rear Dunlop 3D's with Vredestein Wintracs - but only the rears and kept my 3D's up front.
The car is practically useless and almost dangerous in the dry now!! I was like WTF this can't be right, so I checked and tried changing the PSI, but it still drives shitty! it tram lines like no other, and handles almost like a bus now, with the rear end going everywhere, feeling super wobbly!

Im thinking since I read good reviews of the Vredes everywhere, it has to be something with them not matching with the front 3D's? Like somehow this upset the whole balance in the car?

very noticeable weird and scary behavior when accelerating, coming onto freeways, changing lanes or getting on on-ramps!

how do you feel your handles on asphalt / in the dry w Vredes on all 4?
This is probably a result of the mix-n-match setup as you have speculated. The 3D is a good tire on its own, and the Vreds probably are too (no first-hand experience with them so that's why I say probably), but they may just not get along well together.

This is a good example of why it is always best to match all 4 tires. Sometimes a mix works out, other times it becomes a mess.
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