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Hello All,
It appears there are some looming questions about the ESS kit. Please see my answers below. Thanks.

Question#1: Are you the original owner of the kit?
Answer#1: Yes, I am the original owner of the kit. I purchased the kit in June of 2011 for ~$12-13k which was the going price at the time. I can produce the needed receipts for the buyer if they wish.

Question#2: The linked pictures indicate that the kit may have only been on the car for a month, please explain.
Answer#2: The linked post with the pictures is a build thread of the car which as been on going for the past two years. I just thought it would be easier to show pictures that way. I can post current pictures of the car with the kit if anyone wishes so.

Question#3: So you are selling the kit in under a month does the expectations not meet reality?
Answer#3: The kit has been on the car for ~18 months. The kit does meet all my expectations with regards to power and reliability on the street. The kit also provides a great deal of needed power in the straights and hill climbs at the track. I have just decided that I want to turn the car back to its true NA form and aim for pro-driver times at the track without the aid of the supercharger.

Please if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

Thanks again.