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Originally Posted by DASHOCKER View Post
Too many chinese millionares. Every other day there is a post about Ferrari, lambo purchases. where are the American millionares?? Sorry but it is sad to see more gloating threads like this from non Americans.

What an ignorant post. Sorry to be off topic here, but just want to mention last I checked US's economy is $15.2 trillion dollars while China is $7.2 Trillion dollars with over 4x the amount of people! Even if you add up China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, the US's economy is still larger despite only having 1/5th of the population of those areas combined.

What you need to ask yourself is why don't Americans feel rich and why is all that money going to the top 5% of the population. Don't blame the Chinese for our problems. This country actually has a lot of money. Somebody is being very greedy here and its not the Chinese with 1.3 billion people and only a $7.2 trillion dollar economy. What about EU and US with a combined 800 million population and a economy of $32 trillion whining about asians being too rich? Now thats greedy... lol Numbers don't lie but maybe the media sometimes does.....