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Track? What Track? I was just riding along . . .

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For my new winters, I am doing Tire Rack installation at Firestone in McLean for $22.50 a corner. I have the spare wheels to dedicate to winters, but right now they have the aging PSS meat that came on them when I bought them used.

Firestone is my usual tire shop for years and I've never had a problem, but you don't get "road force balancing." If you have any problems with the balance (I never have), you bring it back and they fix it while you wait.

I have also used TireVan for years, and like them quite a bit (they do road force, even though they do it in your driveway). But of course, that's for tire purchase, not remounts. I went with TireRack because I wanted to give the forum sponsor a little coin, and TireVan's website was on the fritz when I tried to price it out anyway.