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Should I get my second BMW?

Hello all,

New to BMW ownership. Did ED in late September and received my f30 328i sport only last week.

I've owned my s2000 for very close to 7 years now. In that time I've purchased two other cars and have sold them both because I didn't enjoy them too much. I don't think the answer is modifying the car because I really have been happy with the way it looks and feels. I even detailed it again last week.

The thought of selling it came back to mind upon redelivery. I like the luxury and would like to own an e46 m3. Truth be told I have always been attracted to that m3. I have wanted it for several years. It was supposed to be the successor to the s2000 but it never worked out.

There are times I want it immediately and then there are times I just feel disgusted thinking of selling the s2000. It feels like a member of my family.

The f30 is a shared vehicle and the m3 just like the s2000 would be exclusive to me. It would become my everyday vehicle. So the argument of using the f30 daily and keep the s2000 for the weekends may not apply.

Anyone ever sell a car and then miss it incredibly?