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A few years ago, Swami and an international group of psychologists led by Martin Tovée of Newcastle University surveyed the female body preferences of men (and women) in the United Kingdom and among the Zulu of South Africa. Participants flipped through a photo booklet of real but blurry-faced women wearing tight gray leotards and rated each one. The Britons gave high marks to slender curves, while the Zulu enjoyed heavier bodies.
There is a very non PC joke in this.....about my African Brothes having a thing for the heavey set grey women.....I wonder how my Latin friends did...and don't ven start with my Arab friends....woooooh their love of the thick is a bit....over the top!
"Look at her my friend, look at those thighs! I bet if i put a rope around her she could pull my black/white (only two colors acceptable in the Arab community for a BMW) around the block!"

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