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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
I agree. Many of us are driven for "more". I have been my whole life. But what happens when you get to a point where going to the next step also starts getting you disproportionately greater potential hassles, or seriously diminishing returns? Isn't it better to remain in life's "sweet spot"?
Why remain in the same place? In a sense it is nice to be in a sweet spot in life. Cant complain about that! So many times I remember only having enough to get month to month. But I would say No. Why remain where you are?

But this reminds me of 2 people I know. 1, My employees that complain they don't want to make more money when I give them a raise cause it will bump them up in a tax bracket or make their kids not qualify for free shit from the state. Then theres my friends that count on their 3-5% pay increase every year and say "ok I can own a M3 in 20 years." Which to me is depressing.

Whats wrong with paying more taxes for a few years if in the end you will keep growing ? Raise after raise. But there is a good point to admitting you are content for once. That is great to sit back and say "look how far I have come, I did it, and I got my car". Enjoy that. But always press on. I absolutely agree with you guys. I too will always have a car that does everything. For me right now its the GT-R. Its not a supercar. Its a Nissan. But it has a huge trunk, a backseat for midgets and your coat, decent on the freeway, and a ton of power for the twisty roads. It wont ever be a Ferrari, but it will wow you with performance while on a conference call.

The best thing about the M3 is that it really does beat the class it is in by miles. The interior I think is better than the mercedes, the handling much better, more nimble than a bloated S5 or RS5 and BMW maintenance is the reason I have a 7 series and x5 for every single day. With all this being said. My absolute favorite car I have ever had the pleasure of driving and owning a toss up between the CGT and the Ford GT. Why? Because I had the chance to borrow a F40 for a week, and nothing on earth has had the same feeling close to that other than those cars. Rear engine, stripped interior, and manual transmission. It makes you feel like Al Unser JR when you rip off a glorious downshift to hear those engines. Like one person said, a supercar brings out super-emotions and a depth of feeling you will never feel in the M3. Its not super number and super performance, its the goosebumps for me.
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