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Originally Posted by AJ_MO View Post
If you want a a REAL Porsche. 911 is the way to go...your pocket says which one (996,997,991...NA or Turbo).

M3 is better than any 987 or 981. And I'm a Porsche freak! I have a Cayenne TT and a 911 SC...have had all 996s(including 996TTS) and a 997 4S all AMAZING driving machines...the Boxster is a really nice roadster but the cayman is useless if you don't track it VERY often(it makes sense only at the track!). IMHO!
Wrong in so many ways. I daily drive my Cayman S, not exactly useless.
Try driving some tight canyons in a Cayman then in an M3, see which one you would pick.
I like our M3 for the comfort features and the engine is a beast, but for fun, the Cayman all the way!