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Originally Posted by LegendGary View Post
That is nice!! Did you sale all of your collection?
Kept the Nintendo and all the games. The wife wouldn't let that one go! everything else was sold though. The sega dreamcast was one of my favorites. Really ahead of its time with graphics and the first console to offer internet capability.

Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
damn, nice collection, sorry to see it go!

i've had:
snes (w super wildcard game copier)
psx (chipped)
ps2 (w x-arcade dual joystick)

everything's gone except for the ps2 setup. but with emulation, no big loss. i just want to play, don't need to collect the hardware

i thought about picking up a neo-geo on ebay (we all know that was the ballers' system, NOBODY in my area had one). but even now, the prices are outrageous (500 bucks for an original neogeo aes and like 5 games, might as well buy a computer and download from romnation/coolrom). back in the day, i had too little money/time, and neo-geo represented the best (yeah, snes made better games, but everyone had one). still my favorite system all-time. just downloaded 11 games tonight... would have been $2200 at 2001innovations lol.

Gonna start downloading games myself. Just didn't want to hook these old systems up any more. You play them for 10 min. and realize how far we've come and its just not as fun. Its like telling a kid to put his ipad down and to go have fun playing "Oregon trail" on Commodore 64.
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