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Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
Been driving without a front plate on my cars since 2006.

I've eaten the tickets... probably about 3-4 tickets in total.
That's not bad. The problem with this is that you become more prone to getting pulled over if you don't have a front plate, especially at check points. Then they check for other things like tints or anything else.

I have been running no front plate since 1995. I am a California resident but have been living in Alaska (they dont care), Oregon (they dont care), Washington (they dont care south), Hawaii (they do care and ate the ticket), Maine (out of state plates they dont harass).

So in 20+ years of driving it comes down to the county and if they want to enforce and generally if your car sticks out with a loud exhaust or young punk not looking like from the area, they are going to ticket. Thats reality.

But most of the time its just a "tack on ticket." Meaning they got you for speed and tack on the tint, etc.

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