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The meet-up just did not work anywhere near as envisioned.

It was my first Formula 1 race to attend; however, I've been to two MotoGP at Laguna Seca and expected this to be similar. Meaning, at the MotoGP races, there were dozens of motorcycle and a few car makers showing off their bikes/vehicles. Plus there was a sort of carnival atmosphere with helmet vendors, jackets and gear, and then companies giving away freebies and doing small contests. At Formula 1 -- nope. What you got was a "Grand Plaza" containing a few food vendors, a Formula 1 shop, a Circuit of the America Merchandise, a Lotus F1 shop, and a Ferrari shop. This was repeated in a couple of other areas. We waited at the COTA Merchandise line for almost two hours; during which time I and others scouted nearby areas to find something of relative interest for BMW fans. Nope. Also, I had zero cellular capability there (due to thousands of people) and couldn't even post-out on Bimmerfest.

So, sorry folks, it just wasn't meant to be.

As far as the event itself, quite a bit of fun, and well worth the three days there.

The FanVision deal was worth the rental fee, definitely.

Parking Lot passes were worth it, except for L & M were in dirt areas, and though they were improved/flattened dirt, it was extremely dusty. My LMB M3 looks like a new Limited Edition Frozen Blue-Ice paint color right now.

Traffic departing at 3:00 pm was miserable, taking us almost until 5:10 pm to actually get back to Toll 130. That was the only really screwed-up part of the COTA weekend. Everything else ran pretty smooth, especially considering it was their inaugural event.

The F1 cars were fun, but I actually enjoyed the Porsche GT3 races more.

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