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Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
That's some statement you make there.

The point here is reliability and probability.
The probability that you will have more problems with a modified (supercharged car) VS a stock car is much higher. If you want to go down that route, fine.
Sure but seeing hundreds of supercharged M3s without earing about a single engine failure related to boost(again with the ESS kits) really contributed at making me realize that the M3 is a very realiable car even when supercharged! And trust me, I'm the most concerned person about reliability of my cars, after I blew up my 4th engine(2nd out of warranty) on my 09 STI I really thought that I would never modified any car again but now I'm supercharged and I feel that my set-up is really safe!

And yes the probability of having problems on a stock M3 VS supercharged M3 are not the same, same with the probability of winning the lottery when you buy one ticket VS 5 tickets, still slim chances that it will happen!