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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
For those that have done Military sales. When does the final payment have to be made? Does the car still fall under the BMW 4 year service plan?

I have an April allocation (est.) for pickup at San Diego BMW. I didnt quite understand if I am paying for the car through San Diego BMW when I pick my M3 up. Or am I paying Pentagon Car Sales sometime before pickup?

Pentagon rep should have answered those questions early on. Are you paying cash or financing? Assuming you are financing part, you should obtain loan pre-approval around mid-February. Pre-approvals are good for 90 days. You will have to forward a cashier's check payable to BMW NA once a VIN is assigned to your vehicle or you will lose it. They are pretty anal about that so be ready to FedEx a cashier's check to BMW NA within a couple days of VIN assign. Once your vehicle arrives at the dealer you will not be able to take delivery until you get proof of insurance and get down to the courthouse and pay vehicle tax and registration. Be sure you get the proper papers from BMW NA or the tax authority won't accept it and you will have to get on the phone with BMW NA or some sales rep and straighten that out which will take time. You don't pay Pentagon anything other than the initial deposit to hold your place in line and hold the car. Pentagon will forward your deposit to BMW NA and you will have to forward the and registration will be paid by you just prior to delivery at the courthouse in your city. Hope that helps.
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