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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Which would you go for and why? Assume that supercharging the M3 entails all the other necessary mods....bigger tires, BBK, etc.
If I wanted a very comfortable and usable GT car for daily use only (no tracking), I'd get the M6 with all the options. Its competitor in my mind is a SL 63 AMG type vehicle. No fuss, just clean OEM FI power. Done.

A supercharged M3 has an entirely different purpose IMHO. I would want to drive it hard, throw it around, continually mod it, and track it occasionally. Not that the M6 couldn't do that, but given its size, and reviews from top editors, it just didn't seem like a car that would be as fun as a 750hp supercharged lightweight M3. Lastly, I think if I had to factor in the car for family use in some way (i.e. kids, etc.), the M6 would be more practical and comfortable.

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