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CC-ID 97 on 320d

I have same problem, but I don't think this is related to battery in any way :

- On Thursday I've vacuum cleaned the car, as well under seats
- On Friday that was working normally
- On Saturday got error CC-ID 97

Till was waiting for 4 weeks for connection cable&software I've checked, there were some possibly not well connected connector under passenger seat, double checked that this is all connected well now.

Yesterday got software & interface and cleared out errors. Tested it, drive couple min and all was OK. Today error appear again, and now tested with and without passenger.

Test result is :
- after error is cleared I can drive without passenger for a while, probably any time and any distance, nothing appear
- after error is cleared, if I have passenger error appear after 1 min or after 100 m, but appear for sure.

I believe this is detecting something wrong in airbag, or just have this in memory and just disable airbags on passenger side.

Note that, after error memory is cleared this still show error saved somewhere else :


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