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Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
you hand wash your beloved M3?

We had a great day today here in Southwestern Ontario Canada ... not bad at all for a Mid November Day

So I decided to wash our cars.

Made me think of the ///M3 folks the love and devotion they put into there work to create a fine automobile ... hand washing my ///M3 made me think of the

Designers, Engineers and naturally the Ladies and Gent's on the Assembly line that with so much care put our cars together until at the end the START button is pushed and the engine makes her first sounds.

Made me think how lucky I am to drive such a fine automobile.

All sorts of images went thru my mind as I washed every curve and surface of her ... so I am wondering what is it you think about when you hand wash your toy/baby or automobile?

Or do you just go thru a car wash? Share your thoughts or just go wash her then tell us what went thru your mind
Did you have a happy ending???