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I just have to say what fabulous F1 grand prix that was in your home land. What a race!

I hope that it is now, once and for all, proved that Lewis Hamilton is a better driver than Sebastien Vettel and that Vettel is benefiting from the fact the Red Bull is the better car for some years now and also benefiting from the fact that the other top drivers don't fight only against him but also against his team mate who clearly is not up to the best but who is obviously benefiting from the better car out there and robbing points off the drivers fighting for the championship, race after race (gladly not this time! ).

Alonso > Hamilton > Vettel > Button > Webber is obvious.

Rosberg and Kobayashi they are personal faves of mine... but their last results don't do them justice, I reckon.

I'm sorry for the off-topic but the US grand prix was fantastic, fantastic motor racing!

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