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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
I've had the RSi and WRG2 - both ride fairly well and have great durability (the tread warranty is 50,000 miles I think??) Whatever it is I'll routinely get 3-4 seasons out of the Nokians and they have a treadwear marker baked right into the tire so it's easy to tell. Season 3 is as good as season 1.

I never went up to the Hakka R because the RSi/WRG2 were so good: I passed a stuck F350 plow truck snow blowing out at the top of an exit ramp in a drift - I just accelerated and my car blew right through the drift. I then pulled over to ask if he wanted help and he just stared at my S4 shaking his head.

Prior to convincing my wife to spend on the Nokians I looked at every brand including the crazy ones like Gislaved. I never had any luck with them - slightly better than all-seasons but not worth paying for. The key I found was that they need to keep their sipes during the dry warm days and they need to be good in the slush.

The Blizzaks in my experience were great for about a month, but then basically melted on dry warm days. They might be better now though - that was 9 years ago.
Thanks. I'm going to be swapping out my tires next weekend for the winter. Got the WRG2s and I'm afraid because it's an all season that it wont run as well in the snow as the blizzaks I have on my e36.