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Originally Posted by aznkuja328 View Post
URL regarding the Alcon Super Kit

I have had both Alcon Super Kit and Brembo GT. The Alcon kit is more aggressive in terms of breaking power. Brake pads matter a lot. I haven't tried the Brembo GTR yet, but the Alcon truly response more aggressive than Brembo GT even with the same pads.

I will pick Carbotech for brake pads because of the price and availability.

Also the size of the rear discs on our cars don't really matter as i believe 70% of the braking power depends on the fronts.

Hope the info is helpful for you.
Have you try endless pads? Which kit was easier to swap pads in and out ?

Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
Having used AP calipers with a removable top bridge, and PFC calipers with a fixed bridge, I've been able to swap hot brakes (calipers and pads; yes, you need gloves but that's the case with either type of caliper ) in the paddock in the same amount of time - I wouldn't put a heavy "weighting factor" on how pads are installed in a caliper when selecting a brake setup.

JAJ's statement about pad compound availability for a given caliper is definitely more important than how the pad is actually installed. Given the calipers you are considering, the choice of pad compound/material will make a bigger difference in brake feel/pedal firmness, initial bite, release characteristics, modulation, etc, than the caliper itself - yes, there will be advantages/disadvantages of each caliper but finding the "right" pad for your driving/braking style will make the biggest difference! I don't think you'll be disappointed with either brake setup; however, it might take time, and money, to find your favorite pad(s).
Which pad was best to go with the BBK kits you have? And do you prefer removable top bridge or fixed bridge?

Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Have the Alcons and have really put them through there paces. Love the brakes, the consistency, the feel, and the stopping power. Brake pad selection is important and have found the carbotechs work well and for half the price of the pagids, but more selections will come on line as this is still a relatively new kit, believe I was the first to get this about 2 years ago. Brakes have survived 2 aggressive track seasons (20+ events) and 2 Chicago winters and seem to be holding up great. Supply line lead times are a bit of an issue ATM, if you need an emergency replacement part may be SOL for a bit , but other than that, I love these brakes. Cannot speak for the brembos, good luck
Sound great, how are the paint on the brake calipers holding up?
Does the brake still perform the same from day one?

I appreciate you guys take time to reply and given me very helpful information

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