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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
I've done the TMS delrin subframe mounts along with the dinan monoball and R&D sport sways after having my car setup the same for over a year and can tell you the subframe mounts did very little if anything to NVH. Car felt tighter, more communicative all around (monoball definitely helped the front end) and could sense more of what the car wanted to do, at the limit of course. Going over speed bumps there's a bit of a squeak, but other than that, cars quiet and just feels more like 1 solid piece now than before. I love it, my wife hasn't noticed a thing, and would recommend it to anybody who wants a bit of a "tighter" car/ride. Hope that helps
Klammer, thank you. I too get a squeak over speed bumps. And yes, the car does feel tighter and more connected to the suspension, I'm glad it was not just in my head

I gotta try the dinan monoball...perhaps next year.
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