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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
What do you disagree?

HFC DO make extra 20 hp and axle back does not

HFC xpipe is high pitched and raspy and sounds extremely similar to the innotech f1

It is 5k cheaper

So if you do not need a valve than explain what it is you are in such disagreement of? I hear the innotech on a weekly basis as my friend has this setup. Our cars sound very similar with my HFC xpipe sounding a bit more raw but virtually the same.
For one, I don't think HFC or catless combined with the OEM rear sounds anything like an IPE system, full or rear only.
We ran the IPE cat bypass pipes and x pipe with the OEM rear on one of our E92's for a few days before finally adding the valved muffler section. Catless and OEM rear, in my opinion, sounds like complete crap.... the raspiest sound I've heard.
We've also run the IPE rear only with stock cats/xpipe and it sounds more aggressive and deeper than stock with valves open, but not very loud and almost quieter than stock with valves closed.
See our axle back video on youtube, don't want to embed the video as I'm not trying to advertise.

Does your buddy have just the rear IPE? Most of the high pitched sound of the F1 vs the sport comes from the different x pipe design that the F1 has.

And finally (also my opinion) catless sounds nothing like the DTM car.

However, I do agree that unless you want the valves, there's not much reason to buy IPE as that's a good portion of what you're paying for.

I hear IPE on a daily basis, as we have it on two of our shop cars and we've sold and installed more IPE systems than anyone other than IPE.

But hey, even exhaust sounds can be subjective, so you're entitled to your opinions and I respect that.