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I think for many of us cleaning our cars becomes more of a craft and art form. Always looking for for the products we like best, what time of day is it the best, how to clean and maintain in the least time consuming manner (which has always been a struggle for me at least).

For many of us cars are more than just a means for transportation, but a lifestyle and code of ethics that we live by. I was always raised to care for your personal belongings and treat others the same.

Although it is nearly impossible to prevent small marring and scratches in my Jerez black E90 M, I am always seeking ways to reduce through an insane (what my family GF consider at least) and methodical cleaning.

It is definitely extremely theraputic for me as well as is driving and playing golf. But cleaning my cars has always been something that you very rarely these days have total control over and something that you can call your own.

This weekend the girl was away and the only thing I could think of come Friday was wow a whole weekend of dedicating to the cars without getting the evil eye! Ha!

Happy Sunday gents and happy cleaning. Getting colder here in MA so ill take 50 degrees all day long!!