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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Last winter in Minnesota (where I grew up - so lots of winter driving experience) I went with Vredestein Wintrac Xtremes.

This is after 8 winters of running Nokians which, IMO, are by FAR the best winter tires. Now, like I said, it's been 9 years since I've ran anything other than nokians but before that I tried them all and I can tell you if you want the best winter tire for a MN winter, it's Nokian.

But last winter I wanted more of a dry / warm bias since we don't get a "real winter" any more. After tons of research, including with local dealers and drivers, I went with the Vreds. In fact, I'm still running them since then! All through the summer and they're doing just fine which is a testament to their durability.

Here's the thing - they are not Nokians (which, btw, come with a tread warranty!). If you get a big snow you will not have the very best traction money can buy.

If there's 3 inches of snow on the roads Vreds will get you up a steep hill if you know how to drive, but don't expect it to be without wheel spin

The trade off is they give you good handling in the dry and great durability. They are also not a summer performance tire obviously.

As to Nokians I can tell you this: on my S4 there was no road vehicle that ever out drove me on a city street (no matter the snow emergency!) and many trucks that I out drove including ones with plow blades on them.
Hey man I just replaced my rear Dunlop 3D's with Vredestein Wintracs - but only the rears and kept my 3D's up front.
The car is practically useless and almost dangerous in the dry now!! I was like WTF this can't be right, so I checked and tried changing the PSI, but it still drives shitty! it tram lines like no other, and handles almost like a bus now, with the rear end going everywhere, feeling super wobbly!

Im thinking since I read good reviews of the Vredes everywhere, it has to be something with them not matching with the front 3D's? Like somehow this upset the whole balance in the car?

very noticeable weird and scary behavior when accelerating, coming onto freeways, changing lanes or getting on on-ramps!

how do you feel your handles on asphalt / in the dry w Vredes on all 4?
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