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Originally Posted by Ghetto2315
Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
seems very odd that someone would be filling your tank for you in the first place? is this just an east coast thing? ive been pretty much all over the country with exception to the east coast and never once have seen a full service station still active.

maybe go buy some fuel additive for improved octane and call it a day? not sure what to help with here sorry
Here in NJ, it's full service so they fill for us (by state law... not because I'm lazy lol). I use the Hess station right next to my work because the guys know me and my M3 and they let me pump my own gas.

But my issue is that the pump at the BP that I filled up at. The pump only has one nozzle and 3 buttons. One for Reg. One for Plus. The last for Prem. I saw the attendant push the button for Prem. My receipt indicates they charged me for Prem. God only knows what the hell was in the tank of the Prem...
I hate the stations where it's just one nozzle and three buttons, I always think every button gives 87. Anyways, thanks for keeping track of all this data and uploading it to benefit others