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Originally Posted by is300wrx View Post
If my home mortgage cost more than my m3 payment, it would make me really sad I wouldnt expect anyone to lease/purchase a $70+ car if their car payment was costing them more than their mortgage; this situation then doesnt make financial sense for that individual.

I don't ever consider a vehicle as an investment so I don't look at the depreciation, but solely as an expendable item. I really don't need to justify my lease with you as this was simply a thread on a public forums requesting feedback on my deal, not your opinion on lease vs buy.

I'm actually thinking of leasing an M5/M6 in the next 8 months (my other car's lease expires-2011 e90 3)
At the end of the day,of the many who lease, few will ever actually own a car w/title in hand.

I'm old fashioned I guess.

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