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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
You said it.not me

The benefits you mention dont begin to offset the costs involved with this specific car..and you can just as easily buy and have a car every few yrs that is 100% under warranty.

A lease on a car with a low MSRP makes more financial sense, spending more than what a home mortagage costs per month.. on a car, makes little financial sense..and is usually an indication that the car is out of the persons financial reach to begin with

You are essentially paying for 60% of the car's value in 3 yrs..only to give it up or get hit over the head with a giant residual to buy it out
If my home mortgage cost more than my m3 payment, it would make me really sad I wouldnt expect anyone to lease/purchase a $70+ car if their car payment was costing them more than their mortgage; this situation then doesnt make financial sense for that individual.

I don't ever consider a vehicle as an investment so I don't look at the depreciation, but solely as an expendable item. I really don't need to justify my lease with you as this was simply a thread on a public forums requesting feedback on my deal, not your opinion on lease vs buy.

I'm actually thinking of leasing an M5/M6 in the next 8 months (my other car's lease expires-2011 e90 3)