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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
Not so sure about your low end torque argument. Motor Trend found the M3 to be equally fast to 60 and nearly as fast in the quarter mile. Motor Trend also found the Mustang to be slightly faster around the race track, suggesting it is not a lot slower except in the quarter and 0-60.
You missed the entire point I said. They ARE equal which means, given the m3 has low torque deficit considerably to the mustang, the standstill measures means the m3 starts with a deficit. However m3 puts down the same numbers which means that once going, the m3 climbs back from the deficit and thus is faster once going. If they were the same once moving, and hte stang also had an advantage at the start to get off the line and for the first 10-20 mph, than the stang would hold that until the end and be faster.

If the m3 catches up and puts down same numbers, it needs some factor to make up the slower start-which equals only one thing. Carrying more speed and acceleration once going above 20mph

Track times dont say much about useable daily speed. For one, you often are unable to go flat out very often on the track. So handling in a pro's hands looks about equal as the cornering is important. However again, the mustang has an advantage on a track with quite a few large turns at lower speeds as it can come out of the corner faster at low speed/RPMs due to its low torque.

So again the factg the m3 can put down the same track times means that despite its deficit in coming out of corners as fast, it clearly makes it up given they finish with the same time. Meaning most of the mid-high range straights and areas of the track, the m3 is faster.

Not saying the stang is not great and a pretty good match but unless you are 0-60/quarter racing and looking at numbers, there is no comparison if you do some real world 30-100 rolls or 60-100 etc. That mid-high range rpm zone, coupled to a dct, makes the m3 quite noticably faster and given 7 gears it can stay in its most potent power zone more often than the stang with much taller gears