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Originally Posted by 1fastdoc View Post
I'm an ENT and with all the BS we put up with from Ins companies and Medicare I sometimes regret not going with my first plan -- interventional radiology.

At present the Radiologists and Pulmonologists I know make considerably more than I do. We have a very high Medicare rate and a moderate amount of a Medicaid. They contract with the hospital so it doesn't hurt them. I'm private so it's just money pissed away when I take a Medicaid pt to the OR. But in the end it's what they need. Unfortunately a Ferrari is not in my future.

I have a friend who is also an M3 owner who is an Anesthesiologist. He makes about what I make but he took 9 weeks off last year to my 5 days. If any medical students are reading this, think long and hard before choosing a specialty, the difference in reimbursement can easily amount to millions over a career.
Weird how it seems like all the posters in here are doctors...I am not, wanted to change the trend.

Yes, the difference in reimbursement can be significant, but chances are good you picked ENT because you liked it right? Probably interesting surgeries or whatever. But if you went through to be a cardiologist, you might be either bored, or annoyed, or a little depressed with your job - irregardless of the money. I know a person who picked general surgery as a career because she genuinely enjoyed operating in the stomach and doing those types of surgeries. She could have been like any of her friends and did Derm or Eyes and would have probably been making close to twice what she currently makes AND with a much saner life (no call...or very little calls when she is "on call") but instead chose GS where she's up most of the night.

But that's what she any med students should NOT think about the money, but rather what they actually like, because that will keep them happy in the long run, not the money. Besides, all the avenues get paid pretty well I think. If they like none of the opportunities in medicine then they probably shouldn't do it, but if they choose to anyways, THEN they should think only about the money.

Are there any general surgeons on the board out of curiosity? I'd be curious how much a gall bladder or an appendix costs to remove in the states (ie. how much does one make). It is surprisingly low in Canada. Though the insurance is also a lot cheaper too I'm sure.