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Is an injection flush a waste of time and money?
Well its going to be more beneficial for higher mi cars, I'd say above 50k; BMW wants it to be pushed while cars are still under warranrty. Is it going to hurt, aboslutely not... will it help?.. Probably.

What is your dealer asking $$ wise for the service? $200 bones or less every 30k isnt bad, and I'd say money well spent.
Use of the BMW fuel system cleaner and additive regularly will help maintain engine performance, improve mileage and extend the life of the fuel injection system.
-- from a BMW rep
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Caddy ATS . . . finally, a decent rental car option.
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the wheels make me mad...
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It's one thing for some buffoon to put an M badge on something that doesn't deserve's another for a multi-billion dollar corporation to do the exact same thing and keep a straight face.
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