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Originally Posted by (-(ellblazer420
Originally Posted by piele_bps View Post
Slow shifts Z06.
Robert has a broken finger and wasn't able to jam it into gear as hard as normal.
Also there is a passenger in the car with Robert for this race. You can hear him giggiling at the end.

Plus you can see Adam jump Robert a little on the start. Adam and Robert were even laughing about it after the race.

Rematch next event for sure!!
Doesn't matter if he had 4 fingers and 3 passengers, with that amount of power in a 3200lb car the M3 simply doesn't stand a chance whatsoever IMHO...power to weight is too much to overcome.

I think the most a stock motor blown m3 realistically could handle is a tune/intake z06..once headers are thrown in (as well as anything else) it's over from my experience