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Originally Posted by nbennettksu View Post
BMW does push dealers to sell injection flushes...

Your service interval does not sound correct, that would be an oil change interval at 25,000 miles, no bueno. Does your car have comfort access, and or did you give your advisor the spare key that you never use? That can also sway the service mi.
I know what you mean as it does sound like a strange interval. I gave the dealer my main key, which he updated by plugging into the car this am. His answer about the oil change interval is as follows. "Even though I drive 500 miles per week, it is steady highway driving, which the BMW computer feels does not require an oil change at this time." As the car owner, I have always been confused about the oil change recommendations for the E90. Why would an engine, built to such minute tolerances, revving to over 8K, not need much more frequent oil changes?