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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
What's up guys...yeah this was a complete surprise to me. While it looks like I lost by half a car, it's just the GoPro was a tie at the cones from what the spectators said.

This Z06 is owned by Robert@Vishnu. The motor is built and made 583 RWHP on a conservative dyno and 615 RWHP on an optimistic one. The Z is also lightened and weighs 3,200 lbs with Robert in it. It's widended and runs 345 tires in the rear. It is one of the most intimidating cars you will ever see.

This same Z06 beat a ZR1 at the Trona Airstrip Attack.

While it looks like he's shifting slow...he really isn't. It's just that the DCT doesn't give up anything on the shift.

This is a nice combo with the DCT and the ESS VT2 600 with the MRF x-pipe. So simple that the car performed flawlessly during the event (can't say that about a lot of other cars) and just makes some great power.
Yep, I know those c6 z06's can do. Doesn't add up at all but yet again anything can happen on the street

This is what should happen against any modded z06, with the distance getting worse and worse as the speed climbs (me in z06 vs zim's vt2-650):

I had a really hard time pulling on a STOCK z06, and I managed to trap 132:

Once again, anything can happen - especially on a dusty airstrip where AWD GTR's are struggling for traction!

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