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yes this is true it does slow them down..

ill b honest I dont want them on my M but its always garage kept at night and when I drive to work its in a relatively safe lot and next to a 997 carerra turbo S drop top.

reason behind not wanting them... at some point if you are not careful u will lose the key... like someone changes a tire/ plugs a tire for u etc; and never gives u the key back ..

at my boys shop more cars come in with wheel locks and the key missing adn the owner has no idea what were talking about... after searchign thru the car and not finding it.. we have to get the lock off and replace it for them with a 5th/6th + reg lug
thats why I got a second lock. I lost my original one, purchased a second, and the orig showed up lol
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Caddy ATS . . . finally, a decent rental car option.
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the wheels make me mad...
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It's one thing for some buffoon to put an M badge on something that doesn't deserve's another for a multi-billion dollar corporation to do the exact same thing and keep a straight face.