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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
You don't even have an m3. 0-60 and quarter are decieving in this comparison. They are equal but remember the mustang with its low end torque gets a significant jump off the line and the m3 claws back in each of these.

So if you take a normal speed like 30-40mph and drop it into 2nd where you are high in the rev band and low end torque is meaningless, it is clear why the m3 would be faster. SInce it is as fast from a dig despite the mustang launching with its torque, means that once revs go which is normal driving, it is much quicker, otherwise it would severely lose to the stang on a quarter mile if it was not quicker once moving. Low end torque is good for one thing-quarter and 0-60. Aside from that the stang is a lot slower
didnt know i have to have an m3 to know how quick it is, i've raced in and against plenty, same with the 5.0. but of course, you are right because you have the m3