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Originally Posted by Eau Rouge View Post
Yours is the same -- I was here first damn it! -- failed logic of those that see a max speed limit, set cruise control to match the legal speed then take up residency in the left lane and remain disinterested in anyone behind them.

If one isn't passing cars to your right, why stay in Lane 1? If one is passing cars, expediting the process to then get over should be priority one. If everyone did as much, life would be better for all concerned.

As for the OP's list of vehicles, the usual fare of wanna-race cars are stangs, chargers. Too bad custom plates will not accommodate "st_racing_is_4_morons".
The law in every state requires drivers on multiple lane roadways to stay to the right unless passing. This means that you move to the left to pass slower moving traffic. When the pass is complete you move back to the right. None of this hanging in the left lane until someone comes up behind you.

During my career as a police officer this was one of my favorite violations to write. It would make me smile a little on the inside. I typically wrote 3 or 4 every week.
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