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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
Arguing that am M3 is more practical than a Ferrari or a McLaren is sort of like arguing that a Citizen Eco Drive keeps better time than a Patek Philippe or a Rene Dubuis. If you make that argument you are probably missing the point.

Forget about practical. That is not my point. Even as a toy, the M3 is far more usable than an exotic would be. It provides 90% of the pleasure with only 10% of the pain. There is just such a huge diminishing value to getting that last 10% of "exoticness".

What's the benefit of a $10k watch if you never actually wear it because you are afraid of every little scratch. On the other hand, you could get a $1k watch (still not cheap, but not over-the-top, much like an M3) and wear it much more often.
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