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Originally Posted by swanson View Post
it'll be nowhere near 11's
Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
It does seem fast but the Cayenne Turbo can do it.

Either that or they found a badass tow truck

I think you guys are the only ones who understand my sarcasm.....I genuinely believe C&D made a typo. 4.4 sec for 0-60mph and 11.9 in the 1/ that means RR is a rear wheel drive struggling with traction, but when it does....its a monster?

Originally Posted by Raja Ventureshield View Post
the black one looks so good. almost like in a tux. but 11.9 - i am not sure what to say to that. Seems really really fast.
I completely agree on the black RR....good comparison with a tux....thats what I thought

Originally Posted by Silver-Bolt View Post
Possible. My Lightning weighs 4910lbs and when is was making 500whp I was running mid 11's.
Dude, you must have had a monster truck but I'm pretty sure your Lightning must be making 600hp in reality because 500hp isnt enough to move 5000pounds to 11.9 seconds in the 1/4mile.
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