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Originally Posted by Port Canaveral M3 driver View Post
2315, we understand what you were talking about and your concern about the 3MPG. Pay no attention to remarks like that from the "saint". You were nice to respond but that remark does not even deserve recognition, or a response in my world. Just keep talking about cars, thats what we do here! I return to this website to gain knowledge and to find out about strange things that might happen to the type of cars we enjoy so much. No matter how big or how small, just keep the information coming! We all read it, log it, perhaps use it, when something doesn't seem right. Thanks.
I have no axe to grind with the OP. I simply stated a matter of perspective without being rude, offensive or inflammatory.

Your post blows me away. My reply to the OP refers to the loss of life, homes, business, etc in your country; your countrymen.....not mine. Pretty much lost for words.