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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
did you ever run the same track with the M3 or GT3? would be interesting to compare times with the same driver if you did
I wish I did. My driving keeps improving so hard to compare but I don't have track times for me in those cars but I do in my c63 (previous car). I ran 1:39 at big willow in my C63 P31 (stock everything). In the boss I ran 2 seconds faster while stock.

Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
I like it. How have your dealings (if any) been with the dealership? They understand and expect that you'll be tracking the car? Ford really seemed to market the Boss as a track car -- wonder if that attitude followed through to the dealerships, service departments, etc.

BMW puts the M3 on track for their marketing purposes, then their dealerships treat you like you're nuts for using the car in that capacity (in my experience anyways). "I can't believe that you race your M3."

RS3's transformed my car as well.
I haven't had to take it in for anything so hard to say yet. I hear they are typically pretty cool. I have no engine or exhaust mods so that will Prob help.
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