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Guess you didnt read the description of the car?

What the pictures do not, and cannot, tell you is that this vehicle previously had some light fresh water flooding from a street flood. Water got up high enough to creep in through the door jams and seams wetting the interior and carpeting which caused the owner to file a claim with their insurance company. The insurance company paid out the owner making the vehicle salvage; we then purchased it from the insurance company AS IS. As soon as this M3 arrived we checked the engine oil and transmission fluid for water contamination. We didn't see any sign of water deterioration, however; We drained the and refilled with BMW Grade 10w-60 Oil as necessary Next we removed and wiped down the interior, then left the vehicle open for a week to dry.

The vehicle was reassembled; like new. There is no mold, mildew, rust or foul odors. All electronics are working properly. This BMW runs and drives perfectly; you'd never know it was flooded unless you were told. The engine is strong and transmission shifts smoothly.

The car runs and drives amazing! This M3 is equipped with an M-DCT transmission! The transmission is flawless, all gears shift smoothly with no grinding. The leather is in good condition with no major rips or scratches.
Car has small chips in the paint. The bumpers have minor paint chips and min wearing.

Everything that this car has (paint, scratch and dent) flaw wise is PICTURED in at least ONE of the hundred plus pictures below! Please take your time to view them all!

We try to provide the best possible pictures for our buyers so that you can see what you are buying exact

This BMW will come with a PA Reconstructed Title and is being discounted solely for its' title history. It is 100% perfect in every way and back to manufacturer specifications. Similarly optioned vehicles are selling for upwards of $40,000 plus financing charges and interest! You'd be crazy to spend all that money when you can own this LIKE NEW car for thousands less! You will have no problem registering this car and driving it home the same day, just bring a valid drivers license and proof of insurance!